Thursday, January 13, 2011

Washington Redskins Concept Helmet

Several years ago, I believe during the Steve Spurrier era, the Redskins wore some throwback style uniforms that were absolutely superb. It's a look they should really bring back. I do like their current uniforms, especially now with the yellow pants, but a new helmet would really set it off.

This concept helmet design is an adaption of the arrow they wore in the '60's and much like what they wore with Spurrier. In this design, I borrowed the feathers from the current logo and added them to the old logo.


  1. I agree with this look. I started watching football in '69 and this was the design. I think Lombardi switched to the Yellow with circled R and feather.

  2. Doesn't the old circled R logo now look much like Radio Shack's logo? They probably won't bring that one back anytime soon.