Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York Islanders Fisherman Logo, Take 2

In 1995, the Islanders unveiled a logo so disliked by fans that the team immediately discarded it as soon as the league allowed them to do so. However, I thought parts of the logo were decent. I gave myself the task of redesigning the infamous logo in an attempt to present something that would be more acceptable to loyal Islanders fans.
There were two major issues with the original logo. First, seafoam green is an absolutely ridiculous color. This is a hockey logo, not bathroom wallpaper. Secondly, the Islander fisherman guy has a severe case of jaundice.
After removing the unnecessary seafoam green and curing the fisherman’s visible ailments, the next step was to simplify the border of the logo, then recolorize the blue and orange to the traditional Islander shades.
So here they are, before and after…

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